Unlimited Funnels Addon for just £5 a month

  • 10th April 2023
Create unlimited Sales FUNNELS with this amazing addons provided by CloudFunnels. We will setup your sales funnel admin in your preferred website folder/link. You will then able to create unlimited funnels quick and easy with step-by-step tutorials. Why CloudFunnels? CloudFunnels has everything that those expensive funnel builders are ...
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cPanel - Redis Cache - Now Available!

  • 10th January 2023
We have offered LSMCD as part of our hosting services for the past few years. However, the LSMCD service is a fork of 'Memcached', which utilises SASL for authentication, and has, in all honesty, been problematic! The issue is upstream, and whilst we have pestered Litespeed for a permanent solution to the SASL issues, these are yet to be ...
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We have upgraded your hosting account to Premium Hosting Account

  • 21st November 2022
I just wanted to reach out to you as we have some exciting news relating to our upgrade to your current Webhosting Package!IWe have recently upgraded your account to Premium Account! What does this mean?In fact, irony has it that our NVMe cloud platform (where your sites are hosted currently) was originally built for this exact product all those ...
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PHP Upgrade to 8.1

  • 29th May 2022
We are excited to announce that, as part of our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with the best possible hosting environment, PHP version 8.1 is now available in your Web Hosting account. This update ensures that our customers benefit from the latest improvements in performance, security, and features available in PHP.Key Benefits of PHP ...
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